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Rafa says he is happy about his pregnancy

Rafa says he is happy about his pregnancy


Rafael Nadal says he and his family are ‘very well’ after birth of first child

Rafael Nadal has revealed he and his family are “very well” after the birth of his first child.

Nadal and his wife Jelena pulled out of Madrid on Sunday and returned to Rome hours later – where the tennis world was shocked when they announced the news and posted pictures of them on social media.

“They came here to Rome to give birth to my son and I am very grateful to them, and very happy. But of course, I had to make the decision to leave immediately after the birth,” he told French magazine L’Equipe.

“In fact, I already had a very clear idea that this was going to be a very big decision with the children, with my wife and with me. So I had a very clear idea of how to move. I am very very happy about this pregnancy, very happy with my wife, happy because we have made a decision because for me it’s not about making my family richer, but it’s about trying to have the most important and most precious things in life, so that we are happy.”

He added: “I am very happy, of course, so excited, but obviously I am sad as well. I understand very well how the children feel.

“I am going to be very, very busy now, I think I will have a lot of time during the next weeks, I am very happy, as you can see I am very happy. But now I have to think about, this is maybe the most important thing in my life, I have to think about my child.”

The announcement that he and wife Jelena were expecting again came as Rafa suffered with the calf problem that had dogged him for months.

He is due to return to his sport in the coming weeks.

“Yes, I am disappointed, but I am very confident because I am not here to be the best, but the best for my family,” he added.

“We have a new family and a new way of life, I am very, very happy, as you can see, very happy, and I know very well what are the expectations and what are the hopes and what the expectation is for the family.

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