Young woman’s picture of a moose that attacked her has gone viral

Anna “Tara” McCann, 18, a student at the University of Calgary in Alberta, shared a picture of her wild moose meeting with a passerby. The sighting took place in Morden, Man., a rural area located on the Manitoba boundary with Saskatchewan.

In the picture McCann (who also goes by TaraJay) captioned “Super horned moose meets pretty person in Morden today,” dozens of comments have been left by fellow students, who stopped to have a look at the usually secretive creature.

The animal has a reputation as one of Canada’s fiercest creatures, but he has been known to lose his temper. On Inuit lore, a moose called Tigh n Dun is known to attack people with great aggression and drive, even though he is considered a kind, gentle creature. It is also known to pull a tent from someone’s hands.

According to this internet meme, Tigh n Dun has become an unofficial mascot for Morden (a town of just 3,400 people).

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