World Cup draw in South Africa: Fifa ban on US, England & Mexico teams angers critics

Image copyright Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality Image caption Beeld journalist Stephan Leway accused the Port Elizabeth authorities of ‘exploiting’ the Fifa ban

Anger simmers over the travel ban for UEFA Under-21 World Cup teams during next week’s match in South Africa.

Players from the United States, England, Iran and Mexico are being refused entry into the country.

British press has been critical of the South African government’s decision to enforce the ban.

But the Confederation of African Football and Fifa have refused to comment.

Homework Bafana is South Africa’s provisional squad for the event which has been extended to run from 9-23 June.

One of the reasons given by the government is that all teams will be based in Johannesburg which has a large German population.

On Wednesday, angry South African journalist Stephan Leway suggested the reason could be more sinister.

“Ah, the latest Fifa ban does not surprise me. When the US team arrived in Durban last month, three of them were asked to leave as they were not European citizens,” wrote Leway on Twitter.

“The ban has obvious political implications, as it exposes the crude exploitation of a Fifa ban which allows governments to keep citizens from reaping the economic benefits of the global market without questions,” he said.

Live updates of Under-21 World Cup from southern Africa:

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