Welcome to 2019 – an end of an era and the start of a new one

Covid-19: What you need to know

Japan is offering temporary 45-night visa extensions for travel to Japanese holiday islands for travelers at least 30 years old who booked their trips before March 1. Travelers should apply online at www.covid.jp/en/visa.html, download an application form and upload it with other necessary documents. Each application is accompanied by a security screening and must be approved by the travel destination’s embassy, and consumers should be sure to contact the embassy directly with questions or any difficulties.

Adventure travel destinations Japan’s Hakone Island is among the 15 most popular options for 2019. It’s a secluded paradise with outstanding natural beauty along with an inspiring mythology. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Japan’s cultural diversity. The cost of a Hakone vacation will be within one fifth of your total cost of the trip. Also, you will receive a free round of golf for this all-inclusive, yet stress-free resort: the Kyushu Arrowhead Golf Resort. Enjoy all five clubs of the Arrowhead Golf Resort, from nine to 17 holes, including its hole number 8 “Kintsugi”; there are other facilities like a golf bar, pool and six tennis courts.

Rooster Tail Mongolian wild boar festivals celebrated since the 1300s. There are variations in themes and styles of dancing, but the movements of the chickens, be they boars or hares, are stunning. In the southwest part of Tokyo, mountain communities, including Shiga Prefecture, which is known for its festival traditions, create authentic displays for their boar as nature products.

The full list of other scheduled events is at http://covid.jp/en/boomamansie.html

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