Utah brothers accused of sexual abuse petition to change the site they’re held at

A pair of Utah men accused of sexually abusing children have petitioned a juvenile court judge to move them to a juvenile facility.

Ethan Crumbley, 19, and his brother, Lucas Crumbley, 18, were charged earlier this year with multiple counts of child sexual abuse. Both Crumbleys plead not guilty to the charges.

In addition to the allegations against them, Police say there were numerous Snapchat images that they sent to another juvenile victim, the Real Salt Lake reports.

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Both the Crumbleys’ lawyers have asked Juvenile Court Judge Samuel Smith to move their clients to a different type of detention for juveniles so that their children will not be subjected to their antics, reports FOX 13 News.

“The concern is with the educational programs offered,” defense attorney Katie Jones said.

“We do believe there are programs that are best suited for Ethan’s interests,” defense attorney, Laura Hoyer, added.

Both Jones and Hoyer will be jointly arguing the change to Judge Smith on Friday.

Jones says while they don’t have all the information for the case yet, she knows their client will be re-indicted.

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