Tornado destroys Ohio home and sends people ‘flooding through hole’

A tornado destroyed an Ohio house, this is the inside of the basement, with the home, an older style house, a series of homes, and a business on it, according to a CNN report. CNN reports the home belonged to Joe Molloy who was watching the WSU baseball game at the time it took place. Molloy said that he was “in and out” of the basement during the tornado, he recalled that was only covered by a piece of insulation and some plywood. He said he was in the basement the entire time and once the tornado was over, he came out and saw the lower two stories of the house “firmly rooted in the ground.”

Molloy said he called his wife and then told his children that they would soon be getting home from school. The husband and wife both work in Ohio public school systems. Molloy’s wife said that she doesn’t really remember having to leave home because their neighbors were so quickly arriving to help.

More information on the injuries and damage can be found on the Twitter page of CNN.

Read the full story at CNN.


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