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The West Hollywood/Westwood Neighborhood

The West Hollywood/Westwood Neighborhood


Letters to the Editor: A new L.A. council district map that makes sense? Yes please!

In the most recent issue of Westwood Village Voice, the writer and editor of this publication and the editor of the Westwood Voice both responded to a new councilman’s request for a public hearing to comment on how the proposed changes to the district boundary lines affect the West Hollywood/Westwood and Hollywood/Hollywood Park neighborhoods.

He had complained (on the Westwood Voice message board) that a survey he commissioned revealed that many residents of those two neighborhoods are unhappy with the proposed changes. The writer and editor of this publication asked the Westwood neighborhood association, which represents the two neighborhoods, to submit letters of opposition. They chose West Hollywood/Westwood residents who live in the proposed city boundaries and the Hollywood/Hollywood Park area, whose residents would be affected by the changes, to write a letter to the editor. Since the West Hollywood/Westwood neighborhood is a smaller neighborhood, and since there is no significant difference in population between it and the Hollywood/Hollywood Park neighborhood.

The writer and editor of this publication was extremely pleased when Mr. O’Hara wrote in support of the West Hollywood/Westwood neighborhood. He wrote about it on the Westwood Voice message board, and later that very same day submitted it to the editor of the Westwood Voice for editorial consideration. I had no comment, because I have been in the neighborhood for many years.

I do not live in the Beverly Glen area, but one of my children lives in the proposed district boundaries. After reading Mr. O’Hara’s letter, she wrote to me to let me know that she too was against the changes to the boundaries. When I expressed my disappointment to her, she replied that she also objected to the new boundaries because she didn’t trust the board and its representatives to make wise decisions regarding the district boundary lines and her neighborhood.

So why did I write a letter to the editor of the Westwood Voice to complain about

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