The View from the Cheap Seats: Ice Cream, Hurricane Harvey and Water Fights

I worked as a deckhand for nearly 25 years on cruising vessels. This was not a glamorous job but in the third quarter of 2015, I experienced the happiest shift of my career, albeit in the early morning hours of the morning sailing, we were off the coast of Hawaii and we were transporting Cutewheel desserts from Lahaina.

The vessel company was vowing to buy a new vessel in mid-2016 and they had no time to deliver Cutewheel’s ice cream. So they invited us to meet on one of their newest and biggest ships for a customized custom ice cream parade and flavor tasting that included sightings of real Hawaii surfer Fernando’s creamy frozen treats.

Ice cream was practically a native language to me. I started making ice cream in college for my fraternity. In my dreams, people waited in line with me as I scooped out scoops of the vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice creams and cake pops.

After Hurricane Harvey, I signed up for storm preparation for sailors’ quarters and the families of the crew members. I said to them, “Let’s get people talking about salt water, not salt water rain.” So I tossed the table of salt water with a salt water guzzle and formed a conversation starter! See this Monday’s tó.

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