The gender gap in Western Canada’s Parliament

Members of parliament in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario say their voices are being silenced by white suburban middle-class men whose economic woes and backward opinions are drowned out by his/her louder, less well-educated constituents.

These constituencies lack fairness, because they are not included in most of the measures of representation used to guide members of Parliament (MPs) in shaping the makeup of their chamber. This is the conclusion of a new study released by The Canadian Alliance for Political Reform (CAPP) and Reform Economics. The study, along with previous CAPP research, highlights that while the British Columbia seat map was drawn to ensure the formation of a majority Liberal government, the Edmonton, Calgary and Ontario seats, which were created to keep the NDP out of office, are set to remain under the control of the Conservatives.

“The result is a regional imbalance that leads to further marginalization of Westerners in Parliament, while positioning rural Canadians as a voting bloc that can only vote for the Conservatives,” the study says.

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