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The Associated Press Named a Republican Candidate in Nevada’s Senate Race

The Associated Press Named a Republican Candidate in Nevada’s Senate Race


Nevada’s Costly, Photo-Finish Senate Race Pits Abortion vs. Economy

A week after the Associated Press announced it was ending its practice of not publishing the name of the U.S. Senate candidate with the most money in the race, the paper decided to name one of the candidates against Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada.

The choice will surely give candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, and many state and national offices, hope to have a little more insight into the issues and campaigns that will play out in their respective states and districts.

Nevada’s race for the U.S. Senate pits a Republican — former Gov. Brian Sandoval and incumbent Democratic Sen. Harry Reid — against one of the most successful businessmen in Nevada history, businessman Danny Tarkanian.

While Tarkanian is known for his success in the state’s business industry, his history in politics is less well-known.

Tarkanian came on the national scene in 2010 when he began spending on political campaigns, raising $1.1 million before the first voting day in the 2010 cycle. Some commentators were puzzled about this spending spree, wondering whether it was a “bravado bid” to be the next leader of the GOP or a simple case of “get-rich-quick.”

Tarkanian has since grown to be the nation’s second-wealthiest member of Congress, with $2 million in personal wealth, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

That fact, however, has been overshadowed by the fact that he spent more than any other Republican candidate in the 2010 cycle and is the only Republican who has run on either the Republican or the Libertarian ticket.

Now, Tarkanian has moved into the public eye, but there’s more to him than just a few campaign ads.

“Danny has never let

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