The #4 built at this New Year’s Eve celebration in China came crashing down due to technical glitches

As seen in the video above, this year’s New Year’s Eve celebration in China saw the center of the Shanghai skyline fall.

The issue was not with the pyrotechnics but with the ability to take a ride up on the four new skyscrapers.

The nearly completed Shanghai Tower was suspended to a floor 14 stories below. A crane had been used to hoist the structures, but the engineers had to rush to save the lift before the confetti fell.

Shanghai Tower #1 lifts to lower level of the Shanghai Tower during New Year’s Eve celebration celebration but #4 was still stuck. — The Aviation Herald (@Aerobhoy) December 31, 2018

“We had to deal with another problem in the fifth tower,” explains The Aviation Herald. “According to reports, all four lifts working to lift #4 were overloaded and turned off at the last minute. Engineers had to fly in replacement parts from Henan Province. The last lift was scheduled to go up within 10 minutes, but was pushed back to almost an hour. They missed their planned time at 11pm. It took at least an hour to finally lower #4 from the deck and onto the lower level.”

The Gateway Project has additional problems with a wall that has been left unstained for years.

Once the lift is freed, the fourth skyscraper will eventually join the Great Wall of China and the French Wall of China in Shanghai.

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