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The Portrait Photographer | Stephan Vanden Houte

BBC Picture Library

Stephan Vanden Houte (born November 4, 1972) is an photographer whose work has been shown in museums worldwide. His works have been published in a range of formats including publication on his own label, credit cards, books, portfolios, and the BBC Visual Calendar of Pictures.

From 2007 to 2018, he has operated as his own brand, The Portrait Photographer. His work has appeared in museums around the world, on private collections and on countless CDs and billboards, and in special print publications for over 50 countries.

His motto “A world of man and man’s world” and his creative practice is based on a desire to present the world as it really is – without distortion or an inaccurate presentation of “truth”. This image shows a group of people who, in fact, act as a reflection of our world as a whole.

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