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Roger Federer & Tennis: A Story About Tennis

Roger Federer & Tennis: A Story About Tennis


Behind the ‘raw’ photo of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal that captures their enduring friendship and the tennis rivalry, a personal side emerges from the photograph. In a year of stunning victories, Nadal is, for the first time ever, world No. 1. And Federer has done what no other player has ever done before in a year when the best players were playing on the surface he loves to play on: he has a title. And he has played it on his favourite surface. And he’s won, and he is now the most successful athlete ever.

We want to hear from you. Who would you like us to tell this story in the future? How could we go about telling this story? What other stories need telling?

We want this story to be a fun, unique, and exciting one – with plenty of eye candy. We want it to be a personal story – a story about the time, place, and people that shaped a person’s life. We want to share the moment when a friend made the choice that changed the way that person lives and the way that person plays a game of tennis. We want to share that person’s joy in the victory and the accomplishment of reaching these goals – even if it’s not quite as simple as breaking the world record in men’s singles. And we want to share the incredible passion and devotion they have for something they love – tennis.

I would like to bring back to life the memories and dreams that my friend Roger Federer and he has of playing tennis together. I have always loved watching the sport of tennis – and for years I watched it as my favourite sport on television. I remember watching my first Grand Slam final and watching Federer beat N.C.Dusan Lajovic. The dream of playing against Federer at Wimbledon was a dream for me at the time.

When Roger and I met, our relationship was already a very strong one. We were both competing at the highest levels, but

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