Reasons why flexibility is the key to freelancing success

Echo Vicente:

Despite the challenges, we are experiencing the highest rates of professional growth we have seen in the past decade.

For professionals within the tech sector, they are experiencing a lot of success working as freelancers, freelancing in remote locations, offering their services for any type of location, and delivering outstanding value to the organizations they work for.

While the unemployment rate is low and an increase in millennial work-life balance is encouraging the creation of new companies, it is also due to the post-2008 recovery, where wages continue to rise steadily.

Our current outlook doesn’t necessarily change much. Still, we are increasingly seeing freelancers seek to pursue career ambitions and skills related to cyber security, customer experience management, cloud operations, cybersecurity, data protection, mobile, operations analytics, and web and mobile development. This is particularly good news, as we’re also seeing a rise in data security and privacy issues.

Despite these shifts, we’re seeing a trend of people uniting with each other via social media to keep work and personal connections. We find that for many freelancers, social media is key for keeping in touch with past projects and people, and discovering new networking opportunities.

I also expect these types of professional experiences to be an increasingly critical reason for professionals to consider pursuing a flexible income. Not only will living and working remotely offer a stream of income that can help them and their families live comfortably, it can also help them prepare to take on leadership roles when the time comes.

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