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This week, a YouTube video titled “And Just Like That” made its debut on the Ellen Show’s Youtube channel. The original clip, which has nearly 10 million views, highlighted a choreographed dance number in the clouds from the Set4Instruction dance company based in Chicago. The ensemble’s choreographer, Margaret Ilsey, is an avid Peloton exerciser and works with the bike manufacturer to create special content to promote the business.

The skit, which is part of Peloton’s new PelotonBeats collection of custom music packs, is quite innovative and relatively seamless—read on for the brand’s reaction to the piece.

Peloton Responds to ‘And Just Like That’

“We’re thrilled to be featured on the Ellen Show. The entire dance performance from And Just Like That was choreographed and executed by Margaret Ilsey, our strategic partnership with Active Ride Shop, and even the Ellen tour itinerary was the result of extensive research, planning, and collaboration.

We’re thrilled to have been able to bring this unique performance—which includes a mountain bike tour of the mountains of Park City, Utah, and the Keating Grind at the Keating Ranch in Bend, Oregon—to all those tuning in to this month’s series.

Just like all of our content, and especially fun pieces like this one, we’ll share with our Pelotoncustomers via social media and follow up with support for the dancer and her choreography through Peloton social influencers, active ride shop communities, and PelotonLIVE, our experiential events.”

—Kathleen O’Reilly, Peloton PR

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