Paul Begala: ‘Climate Change Is Under-Reported’

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Paul Begala, former senior advisor to President Bill Clinton who’s now on MSNBC, agreed with Sharyl Attkisson that “climate change … is … under-reported in the news, largely because humans need to continue in this game as effectively as possible.”

“Right now the biggest science story in America is warming, and the biggest news story in America is climate change,” he said Monday on “America’s Newsroom.”

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“The science is not settled,” Attkisson continued. “It’s not settled because there are so many people who are worried … so how do you even discuss the news?”

“One of the things I’m hearing again and again from people is this black box, like, ‘Wait, you know, there’s all this stuff, it’s just a black box.’ You know, climate change is happening. I just don’t know how we can’t talk about it without some sort of political resistance. What’s frustrating is the media ignores that and doesn’t address it,” Begala said.

“A ‘black box’ is when an airplane, if there’s an emergency, and there’s a fire, that it’s simply uncorroborated, and there is no actual explanation given for it. Why is that if we’re talking about climate change?”

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