Oddly Put: People Believe God’s Good-Luck Luck

One local resident believes it was God’s plan for the tornado to strike Mayfield, Kentucky, and pass right through his neighborhood.

“The Lord is good, the Lord is good,” Tony Coyne said Wednesday after the tornado ripped through his neighborhood with powerful winds and sent debris flying.

“We’ll be OK,” Coyne told Dr. Keith Ablow, host of the “Radio Factor” at Westwood One. “Good things always happen to good people. There’s always a way.”

Ablow’s producers and crew raced to the scene Tuesday afternoon after getting a call that a tornado was headed toward Mayfield, a community in southwest Kentucky. The show and crew were able to stay on the air until about 5:30 p.m. when a dispatcher told them to evacuate the area. Cameras showed a funnel cloud as the show left the area.

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See video of Dr. Ablow’s visit to Mayfield, Kentucky.

Click here to watch video of Dr. Ablow and Bill Hemmer in Mayfield, Kentucky.

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