Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson: Traces of engagement

Image copyright Twitter Image caption The pair shared their new tattoos on Twitter

Speculation has been mounting that US pop star Miley Cyrus is engaged to Pete Davidson.

The couple share an active social media presence , and it appears to have paid off with a few tattoos – as did their penchant for online campaigning.

The pair got matching hipster smiley face tattoos for Mother’s Day on Sunday.

The tattoo artist who adorned the couple’s bodies also offered some clues to media, including an Instagram hint about their mum, 53-year-old parent Tish.

“Happy Mothers Day @tishcyrus @petedavidson23!!” J.Woww tann tweeted about the pint-sized singer, then kept the thread going with a nod to her pop star family.

“He’s been posting about his mom in public on a daily basis ,she’s the best! Can we please get this thing fixed? 😜😘😂,” she wrote.

It comes as there have been widespread rumours that the couple are set to wed – which a representative for Ms Cyrus has denied, according to People magazine.

During their social media flirtation, the pair have shared numerous images of what appears to be a large engagement ring – perhaps hinting that they have also decided to get engaged after only a few months of dating.

But, during an appearance on US talk show The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last year, Ms Cyrus played down the rumours, insisting that although she does love “touching stones”, she has not yet, “taken on the one” – preferring instead, to “date men”.

She said at the time: “I have, like, four boyfriends, but they are all just friends. So there’s two other guys that I’m dating.

“Just for the record, I do like to touch things. I just think that someone can love you and not want to put a ring on it. That’s all I’m saying.”

She was also asked what she found attractive in a potential partner, to which she replied: “Well, he’s gotta be funny. Some of the best partners I have were guys who were funny.

“The weirdest thing is when you’re, like, crushing on somebody and you say “fancy” or “smart” or “funny” or whatever it is. It automatically makes them think they’re fancy or funny. So even if you’re not thinking like “fancy and funny”, it’s like: “Goddamn it, I gotta be fancy and funny.”

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