Man shot dead in London park identified as former biker

Kent police confirm Scott Coates was gunned down on Saturday in south-east London

Police have identified the man shot dead in a south-east London park as a former biker.

Kent police said Scott Coates, 37, was hit in the chest and died after being taken to hospital on Saturday evening.

The incident happened near Nursery Lane in Dorking. Coates, who lived near the scene, had links to a notorious west London neighbourhood known as biker territory.

Police described the incident as a “very concerning” one and said there had been a “firearms discharge”, without disclosing details.

Steve Ellis, an outrider who lived in nearby Holme Green, confirmed that Coates was a former member of the Outlaws biker gang.

“He was a real outrider, he never stayed down, he kept coming back,” Ellis said. “It’s very sad. He’s someone I did used to see a lot of, and I wish him well in hell.”

The Outlaws club is known for its links to the Bikers Club, a notorious west London neighbourhood.

On its website, the Outlaws put out a bulletin late on Friday condemning the “suicide mission” of armed thugs in nearby Earlsfield, London. “It’s a bloody disgrace that you have become involved in violence to fight for money, using guns and knives.

“You need to stick to what you do best. Over the years we’ve made a lot of money working in a peaceful manner within a respectable and lawful biker gang. We don’t bully or assault or threaten – not with guns, not with knives.

“You’ve become involved in violent crime, are self-centred, exist to commit murder, and are totally uninterested in how this affects members of our family and our clubs. If you’re worried about holding the so-called ‘ain’t-no-one-respects-your-gun’ mentality, just ask yourself what you would be doing if you carried a gun and murdered members of our clubs for the sake of money. That’s exactly what you’re doing.

“And yes, we will certainly tell you it’s against the law. All of the Outlaws will fight tirelessly to take the law out of your hand and force you to step down and use your chosen path for the sake of safe living.”

The Guardian revealed in March last year that two men had been charged with attempting to murder a rival biker gang member in an armed stand-off at a car park in Dorking.

Police arrested David Elliot, 32, from Dorking, and Richard Ashworth, 33, from Accrington, Merseyside, on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.

An investigation was launched after the theft of a motorcycle and members of both gangs were involved in a standoff at the car park in Nursery Lane.

Speaking at the time, the gangs’ police liaison officer, Inspector Barney Rogers, said: “We have two young men with firearms and we believe they are a known criminal gang from London.”

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