Lydia Ko wants to let you know that LPGA Tour results are ‘overrated’

The world’s top-ranked golfer Lydia Ko is not all that impressed with her recent victory at the Women’s British Open, calling her victory “fun” and cautioning, “sometimes results are so overrated.”

More than half a dozen of the world’s best players have won an LPGA Tour event in the past two months, including Ko herself, with the winnings totaling over $3 million. However, she also pointed out that overall attendance at the tournaments was decreasing.

“The crowds are a lot smaller this year than I’ve ever seen before,” she said. “Sometimes results are so overrated.”

On the other hand, Ko pointed out that women’s golf is in the midst of a global growth spurt: They now have 82 million players, up from just 51 million players five years ago.

Ko added that women’s golf has now become “a huge sport” with her being one of its “stars.”

“Everyone now knows about us, and our tournaments can hopefully be some of the biggest shows that are happening in golf this year,” she said.

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