Illegal SUV and pizza delivery man takes on New York mobsters

Thursday, a jury convicted a Syracuse gangster of murdering a then-27-year-old Sammy Vecchio, the son of New York City’s notorious Gambino crime family figure and longtime Mafia boss Joseph “Uncle Frank” Giacalone. Vecchio, a major New York racing puncher and founder of the Triple Crown Club in Brooklyn, was ambushed on an Ontario dirt track by two members of the Club Gang chapter in an apparent vendetta against him.

When he disappeared from his Farmingville, N.Y., home in June 2007, Vecchio’s body was left to be found in heavy brush, half-buried to the neck. The Ford F-150 Expedition Vecchio was driving had been stopped by border security agents, who noticed the broken front passenger headlight and tinted windows. Near the back seat was a notebook containing handwritten messages that investigators believe outlined his motive for killing him.

According to the Journal News, the victim’s relatives were told that Vecchio had been part of the New York Mafia’s rolling “white coat gang” that specialized in gambling and street extortion, when he made a run to Canada in the 1990s. His father would make regular visits to the state from New York, posing as a Canadian postal worker.

In 2008, a man was convicted of killing Vecchio, but that case never went to trial because the victim’s family wanted the matter resolved through a deal with the Hells Angels motorcycle gang. During the current trial, prosecutor Julie Roy claimed that Vecchio had a falling out with the motorcycle club in 2005, which resulted in an attack that left him in a coma for more than two months. When he recovered, he fled to Canada, where he kept wearing his Ferrari.

According to New York Magazine, another individual connected to the case was busted in 2014 and testified at the trial that he and his accomplice suspected that Vecchio was a member of the Hells Angels.

During his trial, Vecchio’s former fiance, by then named Linda Watson, said he had no enemies, claiming he wasn’t one of the infamous “wiseguys.” Watson described her former fiancé as “clean,” with no criminal record and no past with the mob.

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