Health Takeaways: Tracking New Virus Trends & A New Warning About New Vaccines

Scientists at Purdue University report success in developing a more specific vaccine for ebola and C difficile that can be dosed safely by all ages. An earlier study conducted at Purdue showed that new vaccines for ebola and other diseases can improve immunological response to highly pathogenic viral diseases. The new study included a combination vaccine called COVID-19 that has been known as Tress-19 but was re-branded COVID-19.

Doctors at McMaster University Canada hope to develop this vaccine to prevent Ebola, but currently the best vaccine available is underused because it contains a normally dangerous protein named NS3. There are now plans to open a European center for the Ebola vaccine Tress-19.

Stray dogs could be a major obstacle to combating new viruses. Dr. Timothy Rohrer, editor of Urgent Care Medicine, tells Dr. Keith Ablow, creator of “The Pink Sheet” radio program, that in Africa, stray dogs can be used to test the effectiveness of a new vaccine for Lassa fever. Lassa has now been discovered in the US.

Researchers from the University of Miami are now developing a new polio vaccine that doesn’t contain the human immunodeficiency virus that caused the first global epidemic in 1979. Dr. Barbara Kelso tells me that the new vaccine, combined with the current vaccine produced at the university’s Vaccine Center, will provide an enhanced immune response. The improved vaccine provides a better anymometer against any new polio virus that emerges.

Dr. Joseph Balizan, molecular biologist, tells me there is a growing consensus that vaccines are critical to a healthy society. The Hoosier Veterans Project plans to test a new vaccine to protect veterans from four major infectious diseases: diabetes, hypertension, HIV, and hepatitis B. Results of the study should be available next spring.

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