Front-line attorneys struggle to convince the White House of the urgency of the opioid crisis

In a new project from New York Magazine and Vice, “Opioid Night,” we questioned attorneys on the front lines of the crisis by asking them to respond to the cries of Congress and the White House. The stories of how these lawyers struggled to work through the language and jargon of policy reflect the scope of the crisis and how they understand where lawmakers are likely to fall down: they are eager to go to battle, but don’t know how to defeat it. Below are a few of the attorneys we talked to.

Cheaper Opioids In New York, drugs sent from overseas are cheaper than in Florida. Here’s what happens when these drugs fall into the wrong hands.

Communicating Therapeutic Use While the DEA puts out rules like this one for opioids, lawyers struggle to explain they aren’t intended for recreational use.

We are Moving Us Toward Noxious Containers Let’s face it: people in general are not great at discerning “contaminated” and “noxious” contents.

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