Exercising in the snow, man discovers diamonds worth $84,000

An amateur snowboarder will reportedly keep $84,000-worth of jewels after discovering them in a park above Mont Blanc in the French Alps. The man, who has not been named, made the find late last month while performing his obligatory winter army training, accidentally knocking off his helmet and showing off a pair of earrings while the video zoomed in.

“It was a bolt from the blue when I realized what I had,” the unnamed man told the Alpine-Club du Ski reported. “I thought I’d been unlucky for a few years and was going to lose it to an ex-girlfriend.”

Alpine-Club du Ski called the find a first-of-its-kind and described the earrings as very rare because they were cut from snow on the mountain.

The local mayor, Jean-Marc Boreal, reportedly offered the man $25,000 for the treasure and nearly $100,000 for all of the property under his name if he returned it to him. The man kept the jewels and after breaking the earrings, he moved to a different part of the mountain. He later returned to get them, adding that he didn’t regret making the discovery.

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