Dress at $290 | Sonia Rykiel: fashion statement

The clothing label that’s bagging a buyer. Read on …

Dress $290, from $290 mrspaule, for external

“It was just a simple design, just a girl in a caftan, and I love it. I only think it needs something to embellish it, some bangles, which is what I have. I love little, simple, timeless pieces that work together beautifully, that’s what’s good about fashion.”

Cocktail cocktail dress, $225, blouse, $165, trousers, $155, net-a-porter.com

“The dress can either be worn as it is or with a shirt and blazer. You can wear it loose or a little bit more fitted.”

Fremont leather top, $1,250

“I like to work it with some chunky jewellery. Something on your wrist, and the chunky studs you can get from a handful of different companies.”

Brown Courreges coat, $1,650

“So many different shades of brown because it is supposed to be winter but it’s not – it’s still hot outside.”

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“As a designer, if you don’t really get out and live in society you don’t feel a part of it. In reality when you’re living in a really big office, you don’t actually see the people that you’re designing for. I feel that living a little bit in society is what inspires me.”

Full jacket, $3,000

“It was from a piece of the season – there’s not a lot of seasons going around. I’ve put it on a few days ago so I think it’s going to sell now.”

Gifts from www.barclays.co.za

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