‘Dolphin Tale’ star Winter the dolphin dies at age 12

Winter, the American bottlenose dolphin who became a star in the 2014 movie “Dolphin Tale,” has died at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida.

The film tells the story of Winter’s dramatic recovery from near death after she was found in the Gulf of Mexico with a life-threatening infection. Winter showed an amazing recovery, recovering from internal organs seeping with bloody fluid to a beautiful dolphin that enjoyed being playful with her trainer.

The 2017 film, “Journey’s End,” also featured Winter and featured a military-themed love story.

Winter is survived by her parents and brother.

Fearing the effects of poor care, Winter turned aggressive last year and was removed from the aquarium and put into a zoo tank to live out her life in the wild.

She died Thursday evening at the Sarasota Zoo and other marine aquariums.

The aquarium said in a statement that she would be missed by staff and visitors alike.

“Winter touched the hearts of everyone at Clearwater Marine Aquarium both in person and through her long run as an aquarium ambassador. She was clearly an avid social media user, reaching millions of people from all over the world with her beautiful personality and inquisitive nature,” it said.

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