Chinese parents reunited with son after 14 years

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A Chinese man and his wife, who lost their son in 2003 after he was abducted in their hometown of Wenzhou, have been reunited with him after a 14-year search.

Liu Yuan and Yuan Ren were working for a telecom company in Wenzhou when their son, Lan Yi, aged two, was taken from their arms by two men who were immediately apprehended by police.

The teenager, now aged 20, was officially abducted by authorities after he ran away from home when he was 13 and slept in a different shelter in Wenzhou every night.

His parents went on a years-long search for him, according to local reports, even visiting juvenile detention centers in the hope that he would reappear.

In November, Wang Xiaolin, a senior official at the State Council Department of Social Protection, and the provincial police chief met with Yuan and Ren to inform them that their son had been found.

Liu Yuan and Yuan Ren after reuniting with their son Lan Yi. Courtesy

In a statement on the provincial government’s website, the two said that, although they hadn’t been reunited at the time, they had “proudly looked back on it” as their attempt to make the most of their 15th anniversary since their son’s abduction.

Lan Yi could be seen at the meeting, which was broadcast on state TV, shaking his parents’ hands.

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