California medical board chief explains what it’s like to face vaccine protestors

The president of the California Medical Board tweeted an account of what it’s like to face her “opponents.”

“I’ve always made a living, and still do, from facts, but recently I was faced with a group of protesters with blatant intent to spread misinformation,” Dr. Marlene Carter wrote. “If I had been intimidated by that kind of violent challenge, I think I would have acquiesced. But I didn’t. I stood my ground.”

Dr. Carter explained that she was out in the desert, where she was visiting her son’s parents, when she saw a group of “rough-and-tumble protesters,” some of whom were carrying “Union Oil Terminals to Shut It Down” signs, holding up signs that said, “Vaccines Harm Kids,” and showing no interest in what she had to say.

The protesters, including older women in their 70s and some children, were marching and chanting against the issue of vaccines and what they claim to be a “revolting” direction of government health policy. Dr. Carter said that she was aware the case had national implications, but wanted to “earn the respect of the people, not jeer at them and attempt to bully them.”

Read the full story at The Daily Beast.


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