Buffalo Starbucks workers vote to unionize, move to enforce new policy

Chicago Starbucks workers are not the only ones in the U.S. who are eager to stand up and be counted. In Buffalo, Buffalo workers voted Saturday to be represented by a union. The chain’s franchised stores will not admit to any wrongdoing and therefore have no first hand knowledge, but the National Labor Relations Board ruled that workers at three stores must seek representation by a trade union, the National Labor Relations Board released on Tuesday.

Today we wrote & tweeted @Starbucks our support for the Buffalo workers, and the path forward. The Chicago workers unionization is also underway.

Workers say that @Starbucks says to unionize, sign a card & say what you want: “Yours”. #WhyStarbucksShouldUnionize pic.twitter.com/AKRX7dlTjw — Aaron Moeller (@Aaron_Moeller) June 17, 2018

The vote is not the first time that baristas have expressed their willingness to get politically involved. Starbucks has been facing scrutiny about the working conditions at its stores in China and how they treat their workers there.

Cities throughout the country have been following a policy that will, starting August 1, limit the number of hours that employees can work in a given month. Buffalo is one of only three cities where the limit was not met.

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