Black-clad robbery suspects held in Toronto

In a 1 1/2-hour police interview, Glenn Katsir, the ex-boyfriend of Dr. Barry Sherman and son of Dr. Arthur Sherman, bragged that he’d acquired several phones with jailbroken capability, to be used to secretly record conversations. On one such device, Katsir suggested to an undercover officer that he and Dr. Sherman plan to murder Barry Sherman’s wife. Katsir then admitted that he and Arthur had arranged for “scores” of their friends to carry “bags of laundry” in time to turn on the faucets of a northwest Toronto nursing home, soon before Eleanor’s body would be found in her bed. (On its face, Dr. Sherman’s criminal conduct might be expected to be cited as a sign of how dangerous a grown man was.) The surprise has already been generating goodwill for the Toronto police, as the Canadian press considered how they bungled what could have been an easy case.

Excerpts from the police interview are below.

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