After 15 Years of Infighting, James Brown’s Estate Is Sold

× After 15 Years of Infighting, James Brown’s Estate Is Sold

By Brenna Ehrlich, CNN

James Brown’s estate is under new management after a federal bankruptcy judge approved a plan Wednesday to divide the singer’s personal assets between the businessman Jim Brown Sr. and two others, an attorney for Brown’s estate said.

The plan was approved by U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Anthony Harrison in Springfield, Maryland, “along with the appointment of a trustee, according to Brown’s attorney, Joseph R. Schofer.

“Our clients are very pleased with the decision,” Schofer said. “Brown Sr. is very much satisfied. He feels the decisions made are good ones.”

A bankruptcy judge previously approved a plan that sold $1.86 million in real estate and $488,750 in automobiles to the board and management of Brown’s estate. On Wednesday, the board and management will now be assigned the rights to the singer’s personal assets, which amount to about $5.2 million.

Brown’s will, which was signed in 1953, left no immediate successor to his musical estate, except for his brother Charles Brown. Charles Brown died in 1988.

The Brown family members who were named as creditors in the bankruptcy filing, including the singer’s former manager, Larry Lawrence of Hargrove & Lawrence, were given the opportunity to purchase any real estate Brown’s estate left behind.

Lawrence was named the accountants in charge of the estate’s fiscal affairs for the coming year, according to court documents.

Once the new plan is implemented, James Brown Sr.’s managing partner, Skandaraj “Fred” Digs, will take a more active role in the ongoing operations of Brown’s estate.

“The Brown family is very proud of James’ legacy and is looking forward to continuing the work he started. We know our son and brother is watching over us,” Brown’s son, Kedar Brown, said in a written statement.

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