9 World Health Organization preparedness tips

WORLD UPDATES: Ebola is back and the WHO says the world is not ready to handle an outbreak. The president’s latest court case threatens to divide his party, and California is still a mess.

Concerns about global health are getting louder in the wake of Ebola and MERS (the deadly respiratory disease from the Middle East respiratory syndrome) outbreaks earlier this year. A new report says more should be done to ensure supplies of vaccines, medicines and shelter to help fight future pandemics.

“Is it actually going to happen? The answer is no,” he said. “Should we take reasonable precautions? Maybe.”

More than 1,500 health-care workers have been killed by MERS in the Middle East since 2013, according to WHO data. Doctors Without Borders said this week it would start a “humanitarian pause” in helping treat and contain the disease to give its staff time to educate families about precautions.

WHO wants countries to designate a national disaster or emergency center to ensure an organization has resources ready to respond when a disease threatens.

Read the WHO report here, and watch their warnings for the next pandemic here.

You can watch a BBC article on WHO’s report here.

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