11 Fun Facts About Sweaters

(JL HQ) — Sweaters are versatile in a lot of ways. We’ve heard about them being good for winter sleep, but who knew they could help you stay in touch with the latest trends or even prevent your kid from putting things on their chest?

Even if you’re more of a dresser than a drawer, there’s something else you might be wearing on a daily basis that has a surprising purpose. A new generation of sweaters could put those long-time battle scars to good use. And just when you thought you were rid of them, they’re back in a big way.

Since the advent of fitness trackers, the sweater has once again been thrust into the spotlight — this time, with an added purpose. FitBit and Apple Watch accessories have proven popular, and even more new styles are expected to debut at upcoming shows, meaning you may soon see them on the likes of celebrities. While they may not have the look and feel of those old school coonskin caps, they still make the best arm-conscious workout gear.

We put together a list of 11 more fun facts about these stylish looks to make you think twice about your latest purchase.

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